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Preferred Term Non-Preferred Term Broader Concept Illustration
Yacht Pleasure Craft
Yacht Ornament Watercraft Ornament
Yacht Tender Service Vessel
Yachting Cap sailing cap; cap, sailing Sport Cap
Yad Religious Objects
Yankee Machine Paper Machine
Yard Spar
Yard Sign Advertising Sign
Yardstick Ruler
Yarmulke Devotional Object
Yarn Textile Manufacturing Equipment
Yarn Dryer Textile Dryer
Yarn Reel Yarn Winder
Yarn Winder Textile Manufacturing Equipment
Yashmak Veil
Yaw Meter Navigational Equipment
Yawl Sailboat
Yawlboat yawl boat; boat, yawl Ship's Boat
Yearbook Serial
Yo-Yo Whirligig
Yogurt Incubator yogurt maker; maker, yogurt Cooking Device
Yuloh Sculling Oar

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