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Preferred Term Non-Preferred Term Broader Concept Illustration
Fabric Block Printing Block
Fabric Cutter Needleworking Equipment
Fabric Cutting Board Needleworking Equipment
Fabric Marker Needleworking Equipment
Fabric Piercing Tool Needleworking Equipment
Fabric Punch Fabric Piercing Tool
Fabric Scissors Fabric Cutter
Fabric Shears Fabric Cutter
Fabric Softener Dispenser Laundry Equipment
Fabric Tester Textile Manufacturing Equipment
Face Brick Brick
Face Hammer Stone Hammer
Face Jug Sculpture
Face Towel face cloth; cloth, face Towel
Face-Bow Dental Instruments
Faciometer Diagnostic Instrument
Facsimile Reproduction
Factory mill; industrial plant; plant, industrial Industrial Structures
Factory Bell Bell
Factory Ship Commercial Fishing Vessel
Factory Whistle Whistle
Fadeometer Fabric Tester
Fair Building Exhibition Building
Fair Linen Cloth Altar Covering

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