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Preferred Term Non-Preferred Term Broader Concept Illustration
A-Frame House
Aba Outerwear
Abaco Dinghy Bahama dinghy; dinghy, Bahama Sailboat
Abacus Analog Data Processor
Abdominal Binder Medical Binder
Abrader Multiple Use T&E for Materials (blank sub-class)
Abrasive Dental Disk Dental Accessories
Absorptiometer Optical T&E (blank sub-class)
Absorption Bulb Laboratory Bulb
Absorption Pipette Pipette
Abstract Literary Works
AC-DC Converter rectifier Electrical System Components
Academic Costume Regalia
Academic Gown Academic Costume
Academic Hood Academic Costume
Academic Tassel Academic Costume
Accelerator Magnet Nuclear Physics T&E (blank sub-class)
Accelerometer Mechanical Measurement Equipment
Accessory Belt Armament Belt
Accessory Box Personal Carrying & Storage Gear
Accordion Organ
Accordion Door Door
Accordion Shade Shade
Account Book Bookkeeping Record
Acetylene Torch Gas Torch
Achievement Certificate award certificate; commendation certificate; certificate, award; certificate, commendation Award
Achievement Symbols Personal Symbols
Achromatic Telescope Refracting Telescope
Acidimeter acetometer Hydrometer
Acidity Tester Cheese Tester
Acknowledgment Other Documents
Acme Harrow Harrow
Acoustic Coupler Data Connector
Acoustic Pickup Musical Accessories
Acoustical T&E Category 05: Tools & Equipment for Science & Technology
Acoustical T&E (blank sub-class) Acoustical T&E
Acoustical Tile Ceiling Tile
Acoustical Tonometer Acoustical T&E (blank sub-class)
Act Legislative Record
Actinograph Chemical Testing Devices
Actinometer Chemical Testing Devices
Action Figure Toy Figure
Activity Book Toys (blank sub-class)
Activity Card Toys (blank sub-class)
Activity Set Toys (blank sub-class)
Actuator Electrical System Components
Adapter Ring Photographic Accessories
Adargas Shield
Adding Machine Calculating Machine
Adding Machine Ribbon Writing Accessories

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