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Preferred Term Alternative Term(s) Broader Concept Illustration
Directional Sign Sign
Director's Chair Folding Chair
Directory Reference Works
Dirk Dagger
Dirndl Skirt
Dirt Bike Motorcycle
Disappearing Coin Magician's Prop
Discharge certificate, discharge; discharge certificate Legal Documents
Discography List
Discus Track and Field Gear
Disdrometer Meteorological T&E (blank sub-class)
Disgorger Fishing Tackle
Dish Cart Food Service Cart
Dish Cross Food Service Accessories
Dish Drainer dish rack; rack, dish Dishwashing Equipment
Dish Lid Serving Vessels
Dish Rack Dishwashing Equipment
Dish Ring Food Service Accessories
Dish Sponge Dishwashing Equipment
Dish Towel Dishwashing Equipment
Dishcloth cloth, dish; dish cloth Dishwashing Equipment
Dishpan Dishwashing Equipment
Dishwasher Dishwashing Equipment
Dishwashing Equipment Maintenance T&E
Disk Drill Seed Drill
Disk Drive disk unit; unit, disk Data Drive
Disk Harrow Harrow
Disk Plow Plow
Disk Sander Sander
Disk Separator Grain Separator
Disk Sleeve Data Processing Accessories
Diskette disk, floppy; floppy disk Magnetic Disk
Diskette Case Computer Equipment Case
Dispatch Correspondence
Dispatcher's Panel Rail Transportation Accessories
Display Other Documents
Display Armor Decorative Furnishings
Display Bin Store Display Fixture
Display Cabinet Store Display Fixture
Display Case showcase; vitrine Store Display Fixture
Display Jar Store Display Fixture
Display Manikin mannequin Store Display Fixture
Display Piece Advertising Media (blank sub-class)
Display Rack Store Display Fixture
Display Shelf Store Display Fixture
Display Stand Store Display Fixture
Display Table Store Display Fixture
Display Tray Store Display Fixture
Disposable Camera Camera
Disposable Cup Cup

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