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Preferred Term Alternative Term(s) Broader Concept Illustration
Globe Stand Floor Stand
Globulimeter Blood Testing Device
Glockenspiel Percussion Instrument
Glossary Reference Works
Glove Clothing Accessories
Glove. David Ring, Europeana Fashion, Wikimedia Commons
Glove Box Accessory Box
Glove Clip Clothing Clip
Glove Dryer Laundry Equipment
Glove Stretcher Clothing Care Objects
Glove Stretcher. Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
Glover's Needle needle, square; square needle Leatherworking Needle
Glucometer Diagnostic Instrument
Glue Plate Woodworking T&E (blank sub-class)
Gluepot glue pot; pot, glue Multiple Use T&E for Materials (blank sub-class)
Gluing Machine Bookbinding Equipment
Gnomon Timepiece Component
Goalie Mask Hockey Gear
Goalie Stick Hockey Stick
Goalpost Sports Structure
Goblet glass, goblet; goblet glass Drinking Glass
Goffer Bookbinding Equipment
Goggles Vision Device
Gold Certificate Paper Money
Gold Foil Carrier Dental Accessories
Gold Rolling Mill Dental Accessories
Golf Bag Golf Gear
Golf Ball Golf Gear
Golf Ball Marker Golf Gear
Golf Cap Sport Cap
Golf Cart Recreational Vehicle
Golf Club Golf Gear
Golf Club Head Cover Golf Gear
Golf Flag Golf Gear
Golf Gear Sports Equipment (blank sub-class)
Golf Glove Golf Gear
Golf Set Golf Gear
Golf Shoe Golf Gear
Golf Tee Golf Gear
Gondola Boat
Gondola Car Freight Car
Gondola Chair Armchair
Gondola Lift Transit Railway Vehicle
Gondola Shelving Unit Store Display Fixture
Gong Sound Communication Devices
Gong Mallet chime mallet; mallet, chime Sound Communication Devices
Goniometer Chemical Testing Devices
Goniophotometer Photometer
Gonioscope Eye Instrument
Gooseneck Chisel Woodworking Chisel
Gorget collar Body Armor
Gorget Pendant gorget Insignia Pendant

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