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Preferred Term Alternative Term(s) Broader Concept Illustration
Aircraft Control Yoke aircraft control wheel; steering wheel; wheel, aircraft control; wheel, steering Aircraft Component
Aircraft Engine Aircraft Component
Aircraft Gyrocompass Flight Instrument
Aircraft Lamp Aircraft Component
Aircraft Mooring Line Aerospace Transportation Accessories
Aircraft Propeller Aircraft Component
Aircraft Rotor Aircraft Component
Aircraft Running Light Aircraft Lamp
Aircraft Seat Aircraft Component
Aircraft Ski Aircraft Component
Aircraft Windshield Aircraft Component
Aircraft Wire Aircraft Component
Airframe Aircraft Component
Airliner Passenger Plane
Airlock Module Aircraft Component
Airplane Aircraft
Airport Transportation Structures
Airport Terminal Terminal
Airship dirigible Aerostat
Airspeed Indicator Flight Instrument
Alarm Protective Devices
Alarm Clock Clock
Alarm Lamp Signal Lamp
Alb Vestment
Alb. Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
Albany Cutter Cutter
Album Memorabilia
Albumen Print Photographic Print
Albuminometer Diagnostic Instrument
Alcohol Burner Laboratory Burner
Alcohol Cookstove Cookstove
Alcohol Heater Heater
Alcohol Tester Food Processing Equipment
Alcohol Torch jeweler's lamp; lamp, jeweler's Blowtorch
Alcoholometer Hydrometer
Aldis Lamp Signal Lamp
Alembic Distilling Apparatus
Aleurometer Grain Processing Tool
Alfalfa Fork Harvesting Fork
Alfalfa Fork. Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
Alfalfa Grinder Feed Grinder
Alidade tachymeter Surveying Equipment
Alkalimeter Chemical Testing Devices
All Terrain Vehicle ATV Recreational Vehicle
Allen Wrench hexagonal key; key, hexagonal Wrench
Alligator Clip alligator clamp; clamp, alligator; clip, crocodile; crocodile clip Electrical Terminal
Alligator Wrench Wrench
Almanac Serial
Alms Box box, collection; box, mite; box, offering; collection box; mite box; offering box Offering Container
Almshouse Welfare Center
Aloha Shirt Hawaiian shirt; shirt, Hawaiian Shirt
Alpenhorn Trumpet

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