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Preferred Term Alternative Term(s) Broader Concept Illustration
Balling Iron Veterinary Equipment
Ballista Percussive Weapons
Ballistic Missile Missile
Ballistic Missile Submarine Naval Submarine
Ballistic Pendulum Armament Accessories
Balloon Aerostat
Balloon Shade Shade
Ballot Administrative Records
Ballot Bag Ballot Container
Ballot Box box, voting; voting box Ballot Container
Ballot Container Voting Device
Ballpoint Pen Reservoir Pen
Ballroom Chair Chair
Balmoral bluebonnet Cap
Balmoral. Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
Balmoral Boot Boot
Baltimore Clipper Sailing Ship
Baluster Barrier Elements
Balustrade Barrier Elements
Balustrade. Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
Banana Split Dish Dessert Dish
Band Brake Mechanical Measurement Equipment
Band Cutter Shears cutter, wire-band; wire-band cutter Harvesting Equipment
Band Nipper Bookbinding Equipment
Band Organ Mechanical Instrument
Band Saw Woodworking Saw
Band Saw. Pearson Scott Foresman, Wikimedia Commons
Band Sawmill Sawmill
Band Scraper Armament Scraper
Band Shell Performing Arts Building
Band-Cutter Knife Harvesting Equipment
Bandage Therapeutic Instrument
Bandage Pin Veterinary Equipment
Bandage Roller Medical Accessories
Bandage Scissors Medical Shears
Bandana Handkerchief
Bandbox band box; box, band; box, circular; circular box Accessory Box
Bandbox. Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
Bandeau Headband
Banderilla Bullfighting Gear
Banding Machine Printing Accessories
Banding Plane Grooving Plane
Banding Wheel Potter's Wheel
Bandolier Shoulder Insignia
Bandolier Bag bandolier Carrying Bag
Bandolier Bag. David Ring, Europeana Fashion, Wikimedia Commons
Bandstand Performing Arts Building
Bandstick Bookbinding Equipment
Bandwagon Wagon
Bangle Bracelet
Banjo Stringed Instrument
Banjo. Pearson Scott Foresman, Wikimedia Commons
Banjolele banjo ukulele; ukulele, banjo Stringed Instrument
Bank Financial Building
Bank Check cheque Pay Order
Bank Draft Pay Order

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