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Preferred Term Alternative Term(s) Broader Concept Illustration
Tack Hammer Hammer
Tack Line tack Rigging
Tack Ornament Animal Tack
Tack Puller claw, tack; tack claw Extraction Tool
Tack Rack Tack Container
Tacking Iron Photoprocessing Equipment
Tackle Box box, fishing tackle; fishing tackle box Fishing Gear Case
Tackling Dummy Football Dummy
Taco Shell Pan Baking Pan
Taffrail Watercraft Component
Taffrail Carving Marine Carving
Taffrail Log register, taffrail log; taffrail log register Nautical Log
Taffy Pulling Machine Food Preparation Equipment
Tag Label
Tagging Gun Merchandising T&E (blank sub-class)
Tagine Cookware
Tail Docker docker; docking iron; iron, docking; iron, tail docking; tail docking iron Veterinary Equipment
Tail Docker. Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
Tailcoat claw-hammer coat; coat, claw-hammer; coat, dress; coat, swallow-tail; coat, swallow-tailed; coat, tail; dress coat; swallow-tail coat; swallow-tailed coat; tail coat Coat
Tailgate Vehicle Component
Taillamp Vehicle Lamp
Tailor's Chalk Fabric Marker
Tailor's Ham Needleworking Equipment
Tailor's Iron Iron
Tailor's Square curve, pattern drafting; pattern drafting curve; pattern drafting square; square, pattern drafting Needleworking Equipment
Tailrace Hydraulic Structures
Taj Cap
Taler Maria Theresa dollar; dollar, Maria Theresa; thaler Coin
Talisman fetish Charm
Talking Stick Organizational Objects
Tall Case Clock clock, grandfather; grandfather clock Floor Clock
Tallith prayer shawl; shawl, prayer Devotional Object
Tally Financial Records
Tally Board Water Transportation Accessories
Tally Counter Data Processing Devices
Tally Stick Tally Counter
Tam-o'-Shanter Scottish Cap
Tam-Tam Musical Gong
Tambour Desk Desk
Tambour Hook Fabric Piercing Tool
Tambourine Percussion Instrument
Tambouritza Stringed Instrument
Tamper Compactor
Tamping Bag Mining & Mineral Harvesting T&E (blank sub-class)
Tamping Bar Mining & Mineral Harvesting T&E (blank sub-class)
Tampon Feminine Hygiene Product
Tampon Applicator Feminine Hygiene Product
Tanakh Religious Text
Tancook Whaler Commercial Fishing Vessel
Tandem Bicycle Bicycle
Tandem Machine Particle Accelerator

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