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Preferred Term Alternative Term(s) Broader Concept Illustration
Data Processing Devices Data Processing T&E
Data Processing Media Data Processing T&E
Data Processing T&E Category 06: Tools & Equipment for Communication
Data Punch Data Processing Devices
Data Reproducer Data Processing Devices
Data Router Data Connector
Database Digital Document
Database Software Software
Datasphere Satellite Satellite
Date Plaque Identification Plate
Date Stamp Marking Stamp
Date Stone Building Stone
Daub Sealant
Davenport Sofa Bed
David Warship
Davit Watercraft Component
Davy Lamp Safety Lamp
Day Dress Dress
Daybed Sleeping & Reclining Furniture
Daybook Bookkeeping Record
Daylight Filter Camera Filter
Daysailer Sailboat
Deacon's Bench Bench
Dead-Blow Mallet Mallet
Deadeye Rigging
Deadlight Scuttle Watercraft Component
Deadlight Shutter cover, deadlight; deadlight; deadlight cover Watercraft Component
Deanery Clergy House
Death Certificate Death Record
Death Crown Souvenir
Death Mask Memorabilia
Death Record Vital Record
Death Register Death Record
Debeaker Veterinary Equipment
Debit Card ATM card; card, ATM Money Card
Debitage Worked Material
Deburring Machine Leatherworking Machine
Decade Box Electrical Box
Decal Other Documents
Decanter Drink Serving Vessel
Decanter Bottle Serving Bottle
Decanter Label bottle label; bottle ticket; decanter ticket; label, bottle; ticket, bottle; ticket, decanter Food Service Accessories
Decanter Set Food Service Sets
Decapper/Recapper Armament Accessories
Decapping Knife Beekeeping Tool
Decating Machine Textile Machine
Deception Bed bed, bookcase; bookcase bed Folding Bed
Deck Architectural Spaces
Deck Bucket Water Transportation Accessories
Deck Chair Sleeping & Reclining Furniture

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