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Preferred Term Alternative Term(s) Broader Concept Illustration
Larding Needle barding needle; lardoir; needle, barding Food Preparation Equipment
Larding Needle. Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
Lariat lasso Animal Restraint
Lariat Swivel Animal Care Equipment
Laryngoscope Oral Instrument
Laser Pointer Pointer
Laser Printer Printer
Laser Rangefinder finder, laser range; laser range finder Rangefinder
Laser Tag Gun Toy Gun
Last Leather, Horn & Shellworking T&E (blank sub-class)
Last Clamp Leatherworking Clamp
Last Hook crook, last; key, shoe; last crook; shoe key Leather, Horn & Shellworking T&E (blank sub-class)
Last Hook. Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
Last Jack jack, lasting; last stand; lasting jack; stand, last Leather, Horn & Shellworking T&E (blank sub-class)
Lasting Pincers bulldogs; dogs lasting pliers; pincers, shoemaker's; pliers, dogs lasting; shoemaker's pincers Leather, Horn & Shellworking T&E (blank sub-class)
Latch assembly, latch; door latch; latch assembly; latch, door; latch, thumb; thumb latch Securing Device
Latch. Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
Lath Construction Materials
Lathe Glass, Plastics & Clayworking T&E (blank sub-class)
Lathe Attachment Woodworking T&E (blank sub-class)
Lathe Center Lathe Attachment
Lathe Chuck Chuck
Lathe Dog carrier, lathe; lathe carrier Metalworking T&E (blank sub-class)
Lathing Hatchet Hatchet
Lathmaker's Froe Froe
Lattice Barrier Elements
Launch Ship's Boat
Laundry Shop
Laundry Agitator Laundry Equipment
Laundry Bag Laundry Container
Laundry Basket Laundry Container
Laundry Bench Laundry Equipment
Laundry Boiler boiler, wash; wash boiler; washboiler Laundry Equipment
Laundry Chute Chute
Laundry Container Laundry Equipment
Laundry Equipment Maintenance T&E
Laundry Fork Laundry Equipment
Laundry Press Laundry Equipment
Laundry Soap Laundry Equipment
Laundry Sprinkler Laundry Equipment
Laundry Stick bat, washing; beater, laundry; beater, washing; beetle, washing; laundry beater; laundry paddle; paddle, laundry; paddle, washing; washing bat; washing beater; washing beetle; washing paddle Laundry Equipment
Laundry Stove Laundry Equipment
Laundry Tongs Laundry Equipment
Laundry Tub Sink
Lava Lamp Decorative Furnishings
Lavabo laver; piscinae; sacrarium Religious Objects
Lavabo. Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
Lavaliere lavalier; lavalliere ; lavallière Pendant
Lavatory Sink
Law Enforcement Badge badge, police; police badge Insignia Badge
Law Enforcement Button button, police; police button Insignia Button
Law Enforcement Patch Insignia Patch
Law Enforcement Pin Insignia Pin
Law Enforcement Uniform Uniform

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