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Preferred Term Non-Preferred Term Broader Concept Illustration
Lathe Dog lathe carrier; carrier, lathe Metalworking T&E (blank sub-class)
Lathing Hatchet Hatchet
Lathmaker's Froe Froe
Lattice Barrier Elements
Launch Ship's Boat
Laundry Shop
Laundry Agitator Laundry Equipment
Laundry Bag Laundry Container
Laundry Basket Laundry Container
Laundry Bench Laundry Equipment
Laundry Boiler wash boiler; washboiler; boiler, wash Laundry Equipment
Laundry Chute Chute
Laundry Container Laundry Equipment
Laundry Equipment Maintenance T&E
Laundry Fork Laundry Equipment
Laundry Press Laundry Equipment
Laundry Soap Laundry Equipment
Laundry Sprinkler Laundry Equipment
Laundry Stick Laundry Equipment
Laundry Stove Laundry Equipment
Laundry Tongs Laundry Equipment
Laundry Tub Sink
Lava Lamp Decorative Furnishings
Lavabo laver; piscina; sacrarium Religious Objects
Lavaliere lavalier; lavallière; lavalliere Pendant
Lavatory Sink
Law Enforcement Badge police badge; badge, police Insignia Badge
Law Enforcement Button police button; button, police Insignia Button
Law Enforcement Patch Insignia Patch
Law Enforcement Pin Insignia Pin
Law Enforcement Uniform Uniform
Lawn Boot Horseshoe Cover
Lawn Dart Game Dart
Lawn Dart Set Outdoor Game
Lawn Edger turf edger; edging knife; edger, turf; knife, edging Groundskeeping Equipment
Lawn Edger. Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
Lawn Mower Groundskeeping Equipment
Lawn Mower. Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
Lawn Rake Groundskeeping Equipment
Lawn Spreader Groundskeeping Equipment
Lawn Sprinkler Groundskeeping Equipment
Lawn Sweeper Groundskeeping Equipment
Lay Figure artist's model; model, artist's Painting T&E (blank sub-class)
Layout Draft
Lazy Susan Food Service Tray
Lead Cushion Metalworking T&E (blank sub-class)
Lead Opener Glass, Plastics & Clayworking T&E (blank sub-class)
Leaded Window stained glass window; window, stained glass Window
Leading Staff Pole-Arm
Leaf Other Documents
Leaf Blower Groundskeeping Equipment
Leaf Picture Flora Picture

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