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Preferred Term Alternative Term(s) Broader Concept Illustration
Hydria Water Jar
Hydrodynamometer Mechanical Measurement Equipment
Hydrofoil Planing Vessel
Hydrogenation Comparator Laboratory Comparator
Hydrometer Densimeter
Hydrophore Chemical Testing Devices
Hydroplane Planing Vessel
Hydrostatic Release Unit Watercraft Component
Hydrostatic Test Pump Pump
Hyfrecator Surgical Instrument
Hygiene Objects Toilet Articles
Hygrograph Hygrometer
Hygrometer hydroscope; hygrophant Meteorological T&E (blank sub-class)
Hygrothermograph Meteorological T&E (blank sub-class)
Hymn Board Religious Objects
Hymnal book, hymn; hymn book Religious Objects
Hypodermic Needle Injection Needle
Hypsometer manometer, steam boiler; steam boiler manometer Thermal T&E (blank sub-class)

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