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Preferred Term Alternative Term(s) Broader Concept Illustration
Gunner's Sleeve Armament Accessories
Gunning Boat Delaware ducker; boat, waterfowl; ducker, Delaware; gunning skiff; melon seed; melonseed; seed, melon; skiff, gunning; waterfowl boat Boat
Gunny Sack gunny shoe; shoe, gunny Bag
Gunpowder Ammunition
Gurdy hurdy-gurdy Fishing Equipment
Gurney Human-Powered Vehicles
Gutter Plumbing & Drainage Elements
Gutter Spike Plumbing & Drainage Elements
Guttering Adze adz, guttering; adz, spout; adze, spout; guttering adz; spout adz; spout adze Adze
Guttering Plane Molding Plane
Guy guy wire; wire, guy Cable
Gym Rope Fitness Device
Gym Suit Suit
Gymnasium Sports Structure
Gymnastics Gear Sports Equipment (blank sub-class)
Gymnastics Mat Gymnastics Gear
Gymnastics Ring Gymnastics Gear
Gynecological Instrument Medical Instruments
Gypsy Van caravan Animal-Powered Vehicles
Gyratory Crusher Mineral Crusher
Gyrocompass Compass
Gyrojet Firearms
Gyroscope Mechanical Measurement Equipment
Gyroscope Top Top
Gyrostat Gyroscope

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