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Slack Tub


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A circular receptacle made generally of hooped wood-staves, with two handles at the top. Used to hold the water needed to control the fire in the forge, to quench the iron or to cool the tools.
Definition source
Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
Term (International)
Slack Tub
Inverted term (International)
Tub, Slack
Non-preferred Term(s)
blacksmith's tub; tub, blacksmith's; dipping tank; tank, dipping; quench tub; tub, quench; slack trough; trough, slack; trough; water trough; trough, water
Term (International)
Bac à eau
Term Gender (International)
Non-preferred Term(s)
auge à tremper; bac à eau; bac à l'eau; bac à tremper; réservoir à eau
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