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Dapping Block


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A metal shaping tool of various sizes consisting of a base (bottom swage) each with a convex face with a variety of shapes (such as round, oval, square), typically fitted into the hardy hole of an anvil or the swage block. Used in conjunction with a separate top portion (top swage) or punches with matching grooves for rounding, smoothing, drawing, bending or shaping metal.
Definition source(s)
  • Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
Term (International)
Dapping Block
Inverted term (International)
Block, Dapping
Alternative term(s)
block, swage; swage block
Term (International)
Dé à emboutir
Term gender (International)
Alternative term(s)
bloc à former; casse-barres; enclume-étampe; plaque percée; plaque à étamper; tas à matricer; tas étampe; étampe de cloutier; étampe universelle
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Parks Canada code(s)
  • 04-01073
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Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Culture.FR: Dénomination - Joconde
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