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Feed Chopper



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A tool consisting of a toothed, metal drum set inside a rectangular wooden box equipped with a hopper and a metal crank. Used to chop root crops (beets, turnips) into fine pieces to feed livestock.
Definition source(s)
  • Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
Term (International)
Feed Chopper
Inverted term (International)
Chopper, Feed
Alternative term(s)
chopper, fodder; chopper, hay; chopper, stalk; feed cutter; fodder cutter; hay chopper; hopper, stover; stalk chopper; stover cutter; stover hopper
Term (International)
Hachoir d'aliments pour le bétail
Term gender (International)
Alternative term(s)
coupe-racines; hachoir de nourriture de bétail; rhizotome
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Parks Canada code(s)
  • 04-00095
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