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Spike-Tooth Harrow



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A horse- or tractor-drawn tool consisting of a triangular, rectangular or trapezoidal wooden or metal frame to which are attached a series of backward-slanting, diamond-shaped spikes in cross-section, set at intervals along each of the frame's bars. Used to smooth and pulverize newly plowed or rough soil.
Definition source(s)
  • Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
Term (International)
Spike-Tooth Harrow
Inverted term (International)
Harrow, Spike-Tooth
Alternative term(s)
diamond-toothed harrow; drag; drag harrow; harrow, diamond-toothed; harrow, drag; harrow, tooth; tooth harrow
Term (International)
Herse à dents
Term gender (International)
Alternative term(s)
herse brise-motte; herse à dents de fer; herse à dents droites
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Parks Canada code(s)
  • 04-00044
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