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A usually portable device consisting of a metal, or sometimes wooden, framework case, which may be cylindrical, semi-circular, or have three or more sides that are panels of glass, horn pane, or other transparent or translucent material. The framework may also include a hinged door and the base contains a cylindrical fixture for holding a candle or a burner unit. The top has a ring or bail-type handle, or a hook. Typically used outdoors to illuminate dark areas. It is also used to carry and protect the light source from the elements. It is also used to illuminate the interior or outbuildings (a barn, a garage or a stable).
Definition source(s)
  • Parks Canada Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects
Term (International)
Alternative term(s)
barn lantern; lantern, barn; lantern, sconce; sconce lantern
Term (International)
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Alternative term(s)
falot; fanal; lanterne-tempête; veilleuse
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  • 02-00364
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