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Dart Game


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A set of objects consisting of a dartboard used in conjunction with a set three darts. The dartboard is circular in shape, made of sisal fibers, cork or coiled paper, and subdivided by wires into concentric circles and 20 numbered sections, color-coded and shaded by value, representing scoring points, from 1 to 20. The dart consist of a small and slender projectile, pointed at one end and usually feathered at the other end and with a wood, metal or plastic shaft or hand grip . The dart points come in two common lengths, 32 and 41 mm. Used by adults and children by throwing the darts, by hand, one at the time, onto the targeted dartboard. The winner is the player scoring the highest points.
Definition source(s)
  • Nomenclature for Museum Cataloging
Term (International)
Dart Game
Inverted term (International)
Game, Dart
Alternative term(s)
Term (International)
Jeu de fléchettes
Term gender (International)
  • Use for a complete or partial dart set; may also use "Dart, Game" and/or "Dartboard"
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