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Arcade Game


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An apparatus, usually with a coin operated mechanism, consisting of a brighly painted cabinet generally with colored illustrations or figures, often with a slanted table including enclosed obstacle courses, scoring features and push-buttons. Originally designed as a mechanical game, which evolved into to an electronic game and then a video game. Used to repeat the same action game to improve one's score or play, accumulate credits or win prizes. Typically installed in public places or business areas, some games are played in fairs or carnivals where the player must, for example, throw a ball or use a rifle on a target.
Definition source(s)
  • Nomenclature for Museum Cataloging
Term (International)
Arcade Game
Inverted term (International)
Game, Arcade
Alternative term(s)
arcade machine; carnival game; game, carnival; machine, arcade
Term (International)
Jeu d'arcade
Term gender (International)
  • For a video arcade game, also use "Game, Video"
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